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Tutoring from Mr Rashid was extremely thorough and focused  which allowed me to excel both in the 11 plus exam as well as at school. The more I was taught by him, the more I felt confident in myself and my knowledge. He allowed me to gain a solid foundation in the core subjects and his techniques I still use today.
I will always be grateful to Mr Rashid for providing me with a well rounded spectrum of knowledge and confidence.

Wolverhampton Girls High School.
Thank you so much to Mr Rashid for embedding in me academic knowledge and skills to pass my 11+ and get admission into grammar school with an excellent grade. I wouldn’t have passed it without his support.

Queen Mary’s High School
Mr Rashid is an exemplary teacher. He gives us exams every week. He is very disciplined. I enjoyed my learning experience with him and he’s very passionate about teaching. I owe my success in grammar school to Mr Rashid.

King Edwards School
Prior to Mr Rashid’s help, I was struggling in school to achieve the highest grades I could. My parents were recommended Mr Rashid. With his tutoring, I could feel myself getting better and better in my school work and gradually my grades were getting higher.
Mr Rashid’s teaching method itself is clear, concise and structured. This enabled me to pass my 11 plus and get into Wolverhampton Girl’s High, I don’t think I could have achieved this without Mr Rashid’s help – he was always present to answer questions via email and face to face very promptly. Thank you Mr Rashid for your help in getting me into a school that would give me the best education possible.

Wolverhampton Girl’s High,
I have known Mr Rashid for 10 years, from tutoring and preparing me for my 11+ exams to supporting me at GCSEs and even my A-levels, he has played a massive part in my academic studies. I have found Mr Rashid to be very motivating and someone who is passionate about what he does. There is no doubt that Mr Rashid is experienced in his field and knows what he is talking about when it comes to his lessons and advice. Most importantly, his lessons were and still are captivating and fun!

Queen Mary’s High School
Without Mr Rashid, his help and his exciting lessons, I would not be studying at Handsworth Grammar School. It is because of Mr Rashid’s encouragement and support, I am enjoying my journey at one of the best grammar school’s in Birmingham!

Handsworth Grammar School