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Smaller Groups & 1-2-1

For some parents, it is not feasible to attend the centre due to other commitments or travel issues. Or they may feel their child may benefit from individual attention for whatever reason; ability, personality, time constraints etc. In such circumstances, 11Plus West Midlands offer smaller group lessons (of up to 4 students) at the tutor’s home in Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 or Edgbaston B16.

Fees for Years 3 & 4 are £30 for 1 hour and for Year 5, £45 per 1½ hours*.

1-2-1 lessons are also available as fees above (please enquire for details).

11+ Course – Year 5

The Year 5 11+ course is specifically designed to nurture the lateral thought process and enhance the key aptitudes required to sit the 11+ plus exam. Skills within each of the four key 11+ disciplines of English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning are taught. A Test pack of 11+ type questions is given to the students every week to work through and consolidate the skills of the lesson. Additionally, there is also a homework pack to complete every week, which is tested, marked and feedback presented the following week. This ensures the parent is continually kept up to date with their child’s progress.

11+ Prep Course – Year 3 and Year 4

The Year 3 and Year 4 preparatory course is a building block to enhance the child’s key proficiencies and build a foundation in order to fulfil their potential the following year. The vital skills necessary and principal concepts of Maths and English are covered in-depth to ease the passage onto the rigorous 11+ year. Once again there is also a homework pack to complete every week, including the all important vocabulary, which is tested, marked and feedback presented the following week.

* Notes:

Prices and times are guides and may vary depending on any Initial Assessment, student’s ability, time remaining until the 11+ exam etc. It may also be necessary to conduct more than one session a week in order to maximise a child’s potential and chances of success. Please call for a detailed discussion. A minimum surcharge of £10 will apply for visits to the student’s home.

KES/Independent Schools

A course covering a higher level of Maths (word problems, lateral thinking and problem solving), Comprehension (written answers providing evidence from the passage) and Creative Writing for those students wishing to gain a place at the top tier private institutions of King Edwards Schools/King Edwards High School or any other Independent School in the country. Lessons commence after Easter, usually in April, as students need a solid grounding in 11+ concepts before embarking on this more rigorous course. The delayed start also gives students time to mature.

Mr Rashid has a 100% success rate for the independent school exams – please see the rolling successes on the homepage – with many students attaining scholarships. To this end, Mr Rashid also offers comprehensive interview preparation for those lucky students.

Course fee is £2,000, payable in full at the beginning, with lessons being undertaken in Hall Green, Birmingham (B28) or Edgbaston (B16) with a small group of up to 5 students. Please email a.rashid@11pluswm.co.uk for details.